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24 June 2017 

 Tribute to Abbas Kiyarostami

 in the 3rd Sahar international

Short Film Festival 2017

  On 24 June, Sahar International Short Film Festival had a honour to make specific program as a tribute to great Filmmaker and Artist "Abbas Kiarostami". 

At 5:30 pm Poetry night presented by Director Festival, Mandana Ansari and writer Christine Whitehead.

Short video Talk about Abbass Kiyarostami by courageous Film director "Jafar Panahi" with a Screening "Certified Copy" for Cinema lovers at The 3rd Sahar International Short Film Festival 2017.

  The world will never forget him and new Cinematic language which he created for All Art Film industry without borders for forever.

Talk by Courageous Film Director Jafar Panahi

 Sahar International Short Film Festival 2017

The Director of The 3rd Sahar International Short Film Festival 2017 "Mandana Ansari" :



The Mayor and Mayoress of Oldham, Metropolitan Borough, Shadab Qumer and Sobia Arshi

On Saturday 24 June at 11am



We were honoured to receive The Mayor

and  Mayoress  of  Oldham,   Metropolitan

Borough,  Councillor  Shadab  Qumer  and

Mrs Sobia Arshi who attended the opening

of  the   Sahar   international  Short   Film

Festival   on  Saturday  24  June  at  11 am.

   The Festival was presented by Mandana

Ansari  and  Martin  Gleeson, Director and

Organiser of the  3rd  Sahar International

Short  Film  Festival  2017.
The Mayor gave a short speech in the

opening  of the festival to encourage

and support festival creator and Filmmakers.

The 3rd Sahar International Short Film

Festival 2017 took place at the Millgate

Arts Centre,Delph, Saddleworth.

Photography by Richard Androw

Photography by Mandana

Photography By Richard Androw

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Congratulations To The Third Sahar International  

                    Short Film Festival Winners

On 24 June 2017, at the Sahar Award Presentation Ceremony, Best three Short Films in Competition category selected by Audience.

Winners were:

Love & Zombies by Alexander Manilov

HE'S MINE” by Daniel Daigle

“Birds With Human Heads” by Max Wild

 Sahar International Short Film  Festival :

Welcomes To Emerging

and Established Filmmakers

SISFF 2017

سومین جشنواره جهانی‌ فیلم کوتاه سحر

24 June 2017 

Exclusive Talk by Banned Iranian Film Director "Jafar Panahi"

In The 3rd Sahar International Short Film Festival


Exclusive : Banned Iranian film write and Directorr" Jafar Panahi"

has sent an online talk about the late Abbas Kiarostami, to be screened as part of the tribute paid toAbbas Kiarostami in the Sahar International Short Film Festival.



Millgate Arts Centre as in previous years turns on its lights and Sahar generously spreads her wings to be a host for pure ideas and creative thoughts of emerging and new Filmmakers.


The SAHAR International Short Film Festival, will be held this year with a multi-dimensional programme.


The Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami will start with his poetry accompanied by live music at 5:30 pm, and online talks by the prestigious and courageous filmmaker Jafar Panahi and other close friends of Kiarostami.


Jafar Panahi honoured us by his exclusive online short talk, despite his situation of being banned from directing and writing screenplay in IRAN for 20 years.


To find this courageous Filmmaker in Iran the director of Sahar festival personally contacted all close journalist friends and artists in her home country IRAN.


Mandana was impressed by his humility. She said: When I called Jafar’s number, he was unbelievably friendly and humble.

“I found it hard to believe I was talking in this way to the multiple award winning director and Berlin Film Festival jurist "Jafar Panahi" until I received his visual message”. 


Mandana said: I could easily see strain in his eyes when the video ended with his last sentence unfinished. He prefers to stay inside the country instead of choosing exile. He is paying a personal price for future generations’ freedom and social justice for IRAN. We are hoping president of IRAN , Mr Rouhani will reconsider his sentence. 


Jafar Panahi in his early work made many short films and he was assistant to Abbas Kiarostami.


Martin Gleeson, the organizer of Sahar Festival said: “The tribute will continue by screening the full length version of "Certified Copy", a film by Abbas Kiarostami at 6 pm”.


Screening over 30 diverse short Fiction and Documentary films, with different genres such as: Drama, Animation, Experimental , Psycho and Horror comprise the main event. 


At 2 pm ten films will be premiered at the Festival, and the best three will receive awards according to audience votes on the day in the Competition section . 


After the Competition screening a new educational talk and discussion led by BAFTA award winner John Crumpton, with the topic of “Short Film” will take place before the award ceremony. 


6 short films from 3 to 30 minutes will be screened in the contemporary Iranian cinema category; and the rest of the programme consists of International short films from many countries around the world, including Europe, Asia and America.


The programme is going to start at 11 am and finish at 10 pm, on 24 June 2017.


On the sidelines of the event, Festival attendees can enjoy dance after the awards presentation -Claddagh association of Irish Dance Manchester - and observe poetry and photography by Mandana and film posters exhibition in the Art Gallery area of the building.


Mandana believes: "This is an inspirational opportunity for lovers of art - literature and cinema to expand their experience and network, and from the other side to support emerging and talented Filmmakers. By attending at the 3rdSahar International Short Film Festival their work will gather together from across the world to screen and celebrate their success."


The address of venue is:​ Millgate Theatre, Delph, Saddleworth, OL3 5DY

Tickets are available in the website at: http://saharfilmfestival.wixsite.com/sahar-film-festival/home

The price is £5 General public (Films are suitable for age 15 or above )


Contact by email sisff2017@gmail.com

Tel: 07596112622

This Festival with its variety programs is free of charge for Film makers who are involved with selected films

in SISFF 2017 

۲۴ ژوئن


هنوز سرشاخه‌های درختان بوی بهار می‌‌دهند که گام‌های جوان سحر به سوی فردایی روشن راه می‌‌سپارند. مرکز هنری میلگیت بر طبق هر سال چراغ‌هایش را روشن می‌‌کند تا سحر، بال‌های باسخاوتش را بگستراند و چتری از مهربانی افراشته سازد برای حمایت و میزبانی ایده‌ها و اندیشه‌های ناب فیلمسازان نوپا و نواندیش


جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر، با برنامه‌های متنوع، علاوه بر پخش فیلم‌های کوتاه داستانی و مستند، برآن است تا در ژانر‌های متنوع از جمله انیمیشن، هنر و تجربه، ژانر وحشت، همچنین برنامه‌های آموزشی‌ و سخنرانی، برگزار کند.

در حاشیه جشنواره، حضار می توانند از مراسم سرگرمی(رقص و موزیک) که در طول برنامه تدارک دیده شده، لذت برده یا به تماشای نمایشگاه انفرادی عکس و شعر  از ماندانا انصاری و پوستر‌های فیلم‌های آماده برای اکران در گالری هنری مجاور بوفه عمارت است, مشغول شوند

جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر،  فرصتی الهام بخش است برای عاشقان ادب - هنر و سینما، تا به شبکه دوستان و ارتباطات هنری خود افزوده, از سوی دیگر به حمایت از فیلمسازان بی‌ نام و با استعدادی  بپردازند که آثار خود را برای اکران از سراسر دنیا در سومین جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر گرد هم آوردند تا این موفقیت با

شکوه را جشن بگیرند. 



Competition Category:


"Lava Beds" by Filomena Rusciano - Experimental


“Transitions” by Ana Barroso - Experimental

"All I know"  by Quincy Davis - Music Video


"When The Drama Ends"  by Quincy Davis - Music Video


* “HE'S MINE” by Daniel Daigle - Drama


*“Birds With Human Heads” by Max Wilde - Experimental


"Then I Found out" : Produced by Ladan Dorandish & Persian Media

Production - Animation


“ugly but good” by Jordan Wong  - Experimental


* "Love & Zambies" by Alexander Manilov  - Drama


" Bamboo Lavada" by Bidit Roy - Documentary 

Contemporary Iranian Cinema:


The Black by Hamideh Moeinfar


Hands and Shoulders by 


Ali Asghar Ahmadi Moghadam

Strike by Ardavan Tarakameh


Oracle by Seyed Mohsen  Pourmohseni Shakib - Animation


Play Ground by Hossein Tabatabayee

  The 3rd Sahar International Short Film Festival, a festival that encouraged young, creative and innovative filmmakers from all across the world.

  Despite all the differences between filmmakers and artists,which causes them to be distinct from each other, what unites us in a common goal is to show our love to create a world that sometimes comes from our dreams, wishes, and sometimes is a mirror of the world around, the bitter and the critical form the digital image frame. Which is a moving digital scene comprising a film shorter than 100 or longer than 1800 seconds. Embracing their creativity and technique separates the audience from their everyday routine life and takes them toward a window of cultures and the life stories of different countries.

  More than 30 diverse short films were screened on June 24 this year at the 3rd Sahar International short film festival in North Manchester, United Kingdom.

  These are the words of the Sahar International Short Film Festival director, “Mandana Ansari”.

Mandana and Martin Gleeson are the creators of this festival. They explained about categories and the festival programme.

Mandana said: "Categories were based as in previous years on Competition, Contemporary Iranian Cinema and International.

In the Competition category we screened premiere shorts (at the date of submission) and presented awards based on the audiences' votes."

For this year, best selected films were:

Love & Zombies, which is a fictional comedy from Russia by Alexander Manilov. The story is about a young writer who is struggle to finish his story some ideas such as Zombies.. but eventually the story will be finished by his girlfriend with different idea.

He's Mine” by French director Daniel Daigle.

A drama about Olivier, who has a typical youth lifestyle, such as hanging around together, having a beer and watching sports with friends, but suddenly receives an unexpected announcement which pulls him into a different level of life, Now he is a single parent and ...


“Birds With Human Heads” by Max Wilde from America. The story is about two best friends, basking in the wildlife of a handmade universe, while one receives her first tattoo from the other. This is a very creative art film in surreal style and mixed with animation with cubist elements (colours and shapes).

Martin told us about opening programme: "The Sahar International Short Film Festival was honoured to receive the Mayor and Mayoress of Oldham Metropolitan Borough at the opening of the third annual festival. The Mayor’s visit was part of a varied programme of short and feature film, poetry, visual art and dance."


First International film was the animation "Then I found out" produced by Ladan Dorandish and Persian Media Production.

This was narrative 3 minute short about feminist issues in Middle Eastern countries.

"Curry Fish Head" from Singaporian Director Srinivas Bhakta.

The film tells story of a girl in the midst of an ever changing landscape in Singapore from late 60’s to present day.

Oracle" is a 5 minute animation from Iran by Mohsen Pourmohseni, who abstracted the story of the birth of a unborn baby.

"Hoblio" directed by Piero Tonin from Italy.

"Omar" from Iraqi animator Safa Alobaidy. He portrayed the loneliness of an Iraqi child in a refugee camp who was lost in dreams and insecurity.

The Film Festival continued at 2 pm in part II with 8 films from the International category:

"Normal", a drama by Vadim Lasca; "No End", an experimental short by Josephine Massarella; "The Cactus", narrative short by Catherine Phillips;"The Mandrake and The Sword" Drama by Nesrin Bachir.

At 2 pm Competition category

  Started with 10 diverse short films with experimental, animation, drama, documentry, and music video.

  All these 10 short films were premieres at the time of submission. Therefore all were nominated for Best Short Film Sahar Award

  These short films were:

"Lava Bed" by Filomena Rusciano

“Transitions” by Ana Barroso

"All I know" by Quincy Davis

"When The Drama Ends (Part 2)" by Quincy Davis

“HE'S MINE” by Daniel Daigle

“Birds With Human Heads” by Max Wilde

“Ugly but Good” by Jordan Wong

"Love & Zombies" by Alexander Manilov

"Then I Found Out" Produced by Ladan Dorandish & Persian Media Production

"Bamboo Lawada" by Bidit Roy"

  When the competition section finished audience had a chance to vote for 3 best short films and then English writer, Christne Whitehead counted the votes. At this time John Crumpton, a Bafta Award Winner in 1996, gave a talk about making a career as a short film maker.

At the Sahar Award presentation, selected films by audience were announced.

  Some of the audiences explained the reason for choosing these three films:

  "Love & Zombies" It's a simplistic story line, using its comedic aspect as a satire

  "He's Mine" with realistic story and believable characters

  "Birds with human heads" a creative Surreal film and animation

  Announcement ceremony ended with celebratory dances by the Claddagh Adult Irish Dance group.

  After a short break 6 films from 3 to 30 minutes were screened from The Contemporary Iranian Cinema category in two parts.

  Part one included: A short animation "Then I found out". "The Black", a surreal short feminine film about abortion; "Hands and Shoulders" by Ali Moghadam; "Strike" by Ardavan Tarakameh

  Tribute to great Filmmaker and Artist Abbas Kiarostami

  At 5:30 pm "Poetry Night" was presented by Director Festival, Mandana Ansari and writer Christine Whitehead.

  This was followed by a short video talk about Abbas Kiyarostami by courageous film director Jafar Panahi who mentioned one of his memories when working on Abbas' film:   "Through the Olive Tree", and ended with a screening of Kiarostami's feature film: "Certified Copy" which was appreciated by cinema lovers at the Festival.

  At 8 pm, The Contemporary Iranian Cinema part II started with the Iranian Filmmaker Mehdi Yarmohamadi's talk about cinema, and carried on with screening of "Oracle" and "Play ground" by SISFF 2015 panel of jury member, Hossein Tabatabayee. This was a 30 minutes documentary about the injured people in the border towns - generally children - victims of the destructive effects of the mines left over from the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq. It seems that the war, according to an unwritten rule, is still sacrificing among the generations who are drawn in by their childish nature and unaware of violence and savagery of war.

  International III began with a member of The Third Sahar International Short Film Festival 2017 panel of jury, Aroop Dwivedi. sending greetings from India. He gave a short talk, on the effects of technology on the advancement and acceleration of communication in human societies and cinema marketing.

  The International category ended with:

"A SILENT SCREAM"by David Viscota

"I am Sorry" by Teodor Kuhn ...


  The Festival took place at the Millgate Art Centre. Despite the small audience which failed to generate a profit, organisers of the Sahar Film Festival believe by supporting talented young artists and showcasing their films we have a serious purpose which we feel we want to carry on with. 

  We are glad to be able to support and attract attention to talented young artists, delighted to give a light of hope for their future.


  Mandana Ansari, Director of the Sahar Festival said: Sahar international Film Festival is purely independent, now and always is open to emerging and established filmmakers.

She commented that:” despite our limitation we continue and we are sure those who love cinema and culture will not let us down”.

  People who interested in upcoming event , please contact us at:


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