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  The 6th Sahar International short film festival 2019

SubMisSion is open  


     The 6th Sahar




The 6th Sahar International Short Film Festival in 2019 is seeking: 


Short Films About and For Children

  The Sahar international Short Film Festival is proud to host it's Sixth Edition in 2019.

  On this journey we were honoured to be accompanied by young, talented and emerging art filmmakers, and provided them a platform to present their brave ideas.

  Some of them with their way of story telling broke boundaries and cliches. 

  For 2019 we would like to emphasize this by introducing a new section for "Cinema about and for children and young people". 

  We ask the filmmakers to produce a short film about children and for children and young people, which looks at their world, and maybe returns us as an adult to our childhood Fantasy, Dreams and wishes which fly with the wind!

Cinema about Children
Gals & Pals
Lost Souls
Film For The Young

Send your short film link to:


  • All submitted films with all genres will be considered but priority is for short films, which were produced no older than 12 months old by Dec 2019, and meet with the selection criteria as described below.


  • Only HD, 4K, 2K short films will be considered send by link through Drop Box, vimeo or youtube (with download button available) send your short film link to saharfilmfestival@ gmail.com


  • Promotional films are not eligible (films promoting tourism, charitable appeals, religions or specific political parties etc.).


  • Films that are available to purchase are not eligible. This includes DVD/Blu-ray/VHS formats


  • Films which include pornographic content will not be considered


  • SISFF regards a short film as 20 minutes or under.


  • English subtitle is necessary for Foreign short films 



Into Your Childhood Imagination


Into Your Childhood Imagination


Into Your Childhood Imagination


All the Films which have been screened at Sahar International Short Film Festival


On Saturday Third of November

edition FIVE of THE sahar international

short film festival 2018

At the Millgate Art Centre , Manchester United Kingdom


International Category

 Film Title       Director      


       - CAVE (FHUKPA) by Pasang Dawa Sherpa -   14'

        - CONFORT TV by  Ivan Valencia   -  10'

     - DREAM OF THE LAKE by  Arnau Olive Valls  -  30'


     - Kampung Tapir by  Awse wee   -  8'


          - Semantics by   Aroop Dwivedi   -  4'

- Joint Sahar Critic  Award to:  Farida  by  Mohamed Zouaoui  -  15'



 Contemporary Iranian Cinema

The road will never end by  ATENA MAHMOUDI 2017   -  34



Sahar Audience  Award to:  Scar by AMIR HOSSEIN BASSIR  2018   - 5'

Sahar Critic  Award to:  ZIBA by  HAMIDEH MOEINFAR 2017   -  7'

Thank you for participation with us.

All screening fees for Iranian films paid to MAHAK charitable organization in IRAN: https://mahak-charity.org/main/index.php/en)



On Saturday 23th - 30th of April 2016, at the Millgate Art Centre & Oldham Library, Manchester United Kingdom

edition two of the sahar international

short film festival 

International Category:

Circa  by  Steve Fairclough  


Best Animation: JUNK GIRL  by  Mohamad Zare

KEECHADPANTI   by Anant Keni

Sahar Audience Award: Lonely Continent by Mandana Ansari

To the top by Tizan BuchS

"OLE LUKØJE "by  Gemma Day

Two Roses by  Elder Ibarrondo

"War" by  Nilesh Bell Gorsia  

Warp & Weft  by Amir Houshang Moein & shalale kheiri


We can't live without cozmoz by Konstantin Bronzi

Sahar Audience Award: Why by   Vahid Monjezi

 Contemporary Iranian Cinema

Norouz: Seven Regards"  by Mehdi Yarmohamadi

"Earth's Disheveled Tress" by Mehdi Yarmohamadi

Sahar audience Award: "It is Winter" by Sepideh Mirhoseini

Best Director: The Wind Will Tell Something  by Ali Mardomi

Best Screenplay: "Remaining piece of Taste of cherry" by Javad Chardoly

(Hello Memoirs) by  NoushaSaidi

Sahar audience Award: (Experiment) by Mohammad Reza Minapour

Treasure  by  Hosein Rabie

Best Documentary: The Migratory Birds by Hosein Dadgar

Blue eyed boy  by Masoud Soheili

"3 Days later ...Nagasaki"   by Hamed Aslany

"Southen Mehrabad"  by Amin Ashrafi

"Life if only to live" by Mahor Majlesy

"Cafe, Street Walkside"  by Meysam Hasanzadeh 

"Mirage" by Javad Pour heydari



On Saturday 24th of June 2017  

edition THREE of THE sahar international

short film festival

At the Millgate Art Centre , Manchester United Kingdom

Premiere :

-Bamboo Lawed by Bidit Roy

-Birds with Human Heads by Max Wilde


-Sahar Audience Award: He's Mine by Daniel Daigle


-Lava Beds by Filomena Rusciano


Sahar Audience Award: Love  Zambies by Alexander Manlov

-Lava Beds by Filomena Rusciano

Sahar Audience Award: Love  Zambies by Alexander Manlov


-Then I Found out by Pichak


-Transitions by Ana Barroso


-Ugly but Good by Jordan Wong


-What I know by Quincy Davis


-When the Drama Ends by Quincy Davis


On Saturday 25th of November

edition FOUR of THE sahar international

short film festival 2017

At the Millgate Art Centre , Manchester United Kingdom

International Category

  Film Title            Director        



- Altrove (Elsewhere) by Alessandro Sala

- Anthar Vimarsha by Jayanth Kumar R

- Fighting for the wild by Desislava Kadra


 - Another empty space by Davi De Oliveira Pinheiro

- Joint  Audience Award to Bus Story by Jorge Yudice ruiz - Tomas


- For dog by Md Ariful Islam


- Joint Sahar Panel of Judges Award to Identity by Juan Carlevaris


- Imagine by Abishak Anand


- Joint Sahar Panel of Judges Award to Rattling fan by

Pasang Dava Sherpa


- Semiotics by Aroop Dwivedi


- Joint  Audience Award to The Drunkard's walk by Pol Armengol


- Today's Dream by Kaushik Mandal 


- Walking on water by Abraham Jacob


- Working late by David Gilbank

 Contemporary Iranian Cinema

- Demon Akvan by Milad daemi-Soraya khodagholizade


- FOOT STEPS by Noushin Meraji


Sahar Critic  Award From Hasakah With Love by Mohammad Farahani


- Happy Birthday by Meysam Hassaanzadeh


Sahar Audience  Award  The Servant by Farnoosh Abadi 


- Boat Raising Sails by Shermin Mojtahedzadeh

Thank you to the Filmmakers who were from the some countries which did not access to pay pal to pay screening fee to us, instead they paid equivalents of £5 to 

The Women Charitable Organization in Their own country.

A short Clip about Earthquake in Kurdistan ,

Photography by Sahar Ansari  and Poetry by Mandana Ansari

Special Programme:

Poetry Night featuring Mandana Ansari Poetry

- Dance by Claddagh Irish adult dancers in Manchester

- Presentation Award

 On Saturday 24th of June 2017  

edition THREE of THE sahar international

short film festival

At the Millgate Art Centre , Manchester United Kingdom

Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami

International Category:

- Artemis by Header D. Freeman


A Silent Scream" by David Viscota


- Cactus by Catherine Philips


- Curry Fish Head by Srinivas Bhakta


- Dark Dreamer by Max Poinschowski


- For One by Mathieu Rivolier


- Hoblio by Piero Tonin


"I am Sorry" by Teodor Kuhn


- Little Jaques by John Davide


- No End by Josephine Massarella


- Normal by Vadim Lasca


- Oracle by Mohsen Pourmohseni


- Omar by Safaa Alobaidy


- Pigman by Rik Gordon


-Pit Stop Loving by Noam Osban


The Human Mirror by Marc Nadal


- The Mandrake by Nasrin Bechir


The Ride by Werner Bohnen 


- The Vast Landscap by Lea Vidakovic


- Valtula the whirl wind by Shyam Sundar Chatterjee

 Contemporary Iranian Cinema

- Hands and shoulders by Ali Moghadam


- Oracle by Seyed Mohsen  Pourmohseni Shakib 


- Play Ground by Hossein Tabatabayee - 30 '


- Strik by Ardavan Tarakameh


- Then I Found Out by Pichak


- The Black by Hamideh Moeinfar

Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami


- Poetry night : featuring the poetry of Abbas Kiarostami

   Special Screening:

   - Certified Copy by  Abbas Kiarostami - Feature Film 


- Talk about Abbas Kiarostamy art style by Jafar Panahi

     (by exclusive Video)

Master Class about introduction of Film making by John Crumpton



the First edition of sahar international short film festival

On Saturday 21th of Feb 2015, at the Millgate Art Centre , Manchester United Kingdom 

            COMPETITION  SELECTION          


   Film Title                  Director                Duration Time          Film Title                 Director              Duration Time




                Aligning With You                Eugene Tang                        11:46         


                 Delta                                John Schultz                           9:48


                Deja Vu                               Soul Minor                            4:57


               Dream of Eve                      Mandana Ansari                     10:00


                 Envy                                Ashley Belgrave                       8:53


                Felicity’s Story                      Mary Carroll                         12:49 


               Hedda                                    Viraj Vida                             2:47


               Hunger strike                     Mandana Ansari                      3:00














                A Better Place            Moises Romera & Marisa Crespo            3:35


                Agape                        Chris Strikes                                        12:23


                A Mother                    Aroop Dwivedi                                    14:16


               An Actor Prepares         Denis Halligan                                   6:44


               Another Planet            Katie Romney                                     2:25


                Banshees                    James Starkie                                     3:0


                Benaras                      Amartya Bhattacharyya                      7:52


                Boonrerm                   Sorayos Prapapan                              16:36


                Colour Melody             Tom Chimiak                                     2:24


                Date with Fate            Venetia Taylor                                   3:44


                Drops of Smoke          Ane Siderman                                    21:35


                Eating the Apple         Mert Guler                                        6:59


                Essence                     Martina Mikusova                               5:04


               The Foot Job               Brian Pracht                                       7:09


               Force of Attraction      Eva Sekeresova                                  4:07


               Four and Five              Andy Joule                                         7:06


              Gorilla                         Jack Bottomley                                    2:21  


              Hard Dream                Behrouz Bagheri                                  11:42

              i Call it Love               Elsy Hajjar                                            8:45


              I Feel Lost                  Juan Manuel Aragon                            12:54

               Image                        Yousef Jafary                                      3:39

              In Front Of The Spider   Marc Nadal                                       13:22



            NON COMPETITION  SELECTION          


   Film Title                 Director                Duration Time          Film Title                 Director            Duration Time



Hero for Hire                       Diane Choi                             9:14



Invisible Hope                Theresa Khalil                    11:44


Life in Between            Jones Levenson                    16:52 


Slow Ascent                     Nikki & Matthew Swift                     6:36


Spore                              Matthew Dombrowski                       1:03


T.E.A.R.                            Jenny Longworth                               5:19


The Right to Remain Silent     David Hennessy                         9:52


  Us and Them                      Sam Karamyani                            3:35














I’ve Just Had a Dream     Javier Navarro                                   7:25


Coffee                          Sonja Petrovic                                    9:51


Kids                            Denes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer           4:08


Lila                                Carlos Lascano                                 9:09


Love You Still                 Michael Viers                                   11:01


M is for Macho               Jose Pedro Lopes                            3:33


Mono A Mono (Hand in Hand)        Ignatio Tatay                   7:05


Moments                       Chris Cronin                                    5:45


Photographing Richard Serra by Gillian McIver                      8:01


Pink Shells                      Or Sahar                                       10:29


Sara                               Hamid Taheri                                10:04


Shame and Glasses        Alessandro Riconda                       7:08


Sisters                           Lea Vidakovic                                7:48


The Cage Bird                Ashraf Shishir                               13:47


The Cheater Day             Bartosz Warwas                           33:15


The Illusion                    Mohammad Reza Hanafi               2:04


The Race Card                Audrey Noone                              6:04


The Riddle                       Fidae Sbaai                                14:55


The Sound of the Road  Barzan Rostami                            2:25


The Rebel, The Soltier and the outcast

                                      Andrew Pengilley                       10:00


Transformation               Ueuk Engin Can                          5:23


Welcome to Bavaria        Matthias Kobmehl                       11:23


Willing                           Joe Pisciotta                                  17:16

When The Pile Is Crooked     Shaneika Johnson/ Simms        8:02

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cultural quarter Oldham OL1 1AL

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by Metrolink
The Metrolink route through the heart of Oldham drops you just two minutes from the door! From Oldham Central station head towards Sainsbury’s car park and almost immediately you’ll see the building.

by Car
The nearest car park is Southgate Street pay and display. There is 3 hours free parking on a Saturday. More details about town centre parking


The 5th Sahar International Short Film Festival 2018 Highlight



 The 5th edition of Sahar International Short Film Festival 2018 was held on Saturday the 3rd of Nov 2018 in Greater Manchester at Oldham library, Performance space  From 12 - 4 pm.

  The programme introduction started with the short speech with the Management Team of Sahar: Mandana Ansari and Martin Gleeson.

 " Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the fifth Sahar international short film festival. This year, 12 short films will be screened from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. The films feature young filmmakers from Iran, Spain, Italy, India, Nepal and Singapore. The genre of the movies are fictional drama, psychological thriller, animation, humour, black comedy, social realism with the themes of war, migration, life, death and love, as well as family and feminist themes.

  Every year we have two general categories: contemporary Iranian cinema and international cinema. The films are screened in two competitive and non-competitive segments, the only parameter which separates these two parts is the duration of the films. Short films up to 20 minutes are eligible for the competition section and films in the non-competition section are up to 30 minutes.

Sahar international short film festival focuses on the selection of films, and the main parameter for our selection is how much the film comes from the filmmaker's personal world. This point has highest priority .In this concept, the filmmaker is like the poet who is inspired by the life and people of his own society.

  Because every short film is a window to a life that the filmmaker narrates with his own art, the story can be dramatic or epic, real or surreal, and it is the filmmaker who accompanies the viewer on this journey. In moments of life, his fictional characters, with sufferings and human disappointments, tied in philosophical, emotional and social knots, and, despite all the distinctions that may exist between us in terms of culture, lifestyle and religion, or if we have never traveled to this corner of the world, it brings us united together at one point and that is focus on life and human beings

   Fundamentally, films that are featured at the Sahar Short Film Festival are foreign language films. For different reasons, it has not been possible for filmmakers to be present at our festival. Some filmmakers come from countries that need a visa. For example, this year, the Iranian young, talented filmmaker Athena Mahmudi tried hard to attend the festival with her 30-minute short film: "the road will never end", but unfortunately her visit visa application was rejected and it was not possible for her and other Iranian filmmakers to come, as well as one of the management Festival team - Mandana's daughter Sahar, whose name inspired the name of the festival. Despite the 14-15 years that Mandana has lived here, she still could not have a visit visa. We think these inhumane conditions must end.

We hope this change happens in near future".


 The programme started with Atena Mahmoudi's short film and  in Non competition Category.

ما پنجمین دوره جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر را برگزار می‌‌کنیم. امسال ۱۲ فیلم کوتاه از ۳ دقیقه تا ۳۰ دقیقه به نمایش در می‌‌آید. فیلم‌ها از فیلمسازان جوان از کشورهای ایران، اسپانیا، ایتالیا، هند، نپال و سنگاپور هست. ژانر فیلم ها، درام داستانی ، روانشناسی, انیمشن، طنز، کمدی سیاه، واقع گرایی اجتمأعی با مضامین جنگ، مهاجرت، زندگی‌، مرگ و عشق هست.

ما هر ساله دو دسته بندی کلی‌ داریم که سینمای معاصر و سینمای بین المللی است. فیلم‌ها در دو بخش رقابتی‌ و غیر رقابتی‌ اکران می شوند، تنها پارامتری که این دو بخش را از هم جدا می کند زمان فیلم‌ها است. فیلم‌های کوتاه تا ۲۰ دقیقه در بخش رقابتی و فیلم‌های بلندتر در بخش غیر رقابتی قرار می‌‌گیرند.

جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر در انتخاب فیلم‌های خود به یک نکته اساسی‌ می‌‌پردازد و آن اینکه برای ما فیلم‌هایی که به دنیای‌ شخصی‌ فیلمساز نزدیک تر باشد از الویت بیشتری برخوردار است. به این مفهوم که ظرف وجودی فیلمساز از محیط پیرامونش پر شده باشد، مثل شأعری که از زندگی‌ و محیط آدم‌های اطراف خود الهام گرفته است

چون هر فیلم دریچه ای است به سوی یک زندگی‌، که فیلمساز با هنر خود آن را روایت می‌‌کند، داستان می‌‌تواند دراماتیک یا اپیک، رئال یا سورئال باشد و این فیلمساز است که در این سفری که آغاز کرده ، بیننده را با خود همراه می‌‌کند. در لحظه‌های زندگی‌ شخصیت‌های داستانی، یا رنج‌ها و سرخوردگی‌های انسانی‌ با گره‌های فلسفی‌، عاطفی، اجتمأعی همراه می‌‌کند و علارغم همه تمایزاتی‌ که ممکن است بین ما از نظر فرهنگی‌، سبک زندگی‌ و مذهب باشد یا اینکه اصلا ما هرگز به آن گوشه دنیا سفر نکرده باشیم، ولی‌ ما را در یکجا به اتحاد می رساند و آن هم پرداخت به زندگی‌ و انسان است. جشنواره فیلم کوتاه سحر امیدوار است که بتواند پنجره‌ای به سوی این اتحاد، دوستی‌، هنر و فرهنگ باشد

اساسا فیلم‌هایی‌ که به جشنواره  فیلم کوتاه سحر راه پیدا می‌‌کنند

فیلم‌های خارجی‌ زبان هستنند و امکان حضور به دلایل بی‌ شماری برائ فیلمساژان مقدور نیست. برخی‌ از فیلمسازان از کشورهایی می‌‌آیند که نیاز به ویزا دارند مثلّا امسال, فیلمسازجوان و با استعداد ایرانی‌ به نام  آتنا محمودی بسیار تلاش کرد که بتواند همراه با فیلم ۳۰ دقیقه‌ای خود: جاده ای که پایانی‌ ندارد در جشنواره سحر حاضر بشود اما متاسفانه این امکان برای او و هچنین دیگر فیلمسازان ایرانی‌ میسر نشد، همچنین یکی از هیات مدیره جشنواره فرزند خودم سحر هست که اساسا نام فستیوال از نام او الهام گرفته  ۱۴ - ۱۵ سالی‌ که من در اینجا زندگی‌ می‌‌کنم هنوز ما نتوانستیم یک ویزای ملاقات داشته باشیم و من فکر می‌‌کنم این شرایط غیر انسانی‌ در یکجا باید پایان بپذیرد و تغیر کند. ما امیدوار هستیم در آینده ای‌ نزدیک این تغییر رخ دهد.

Audience Award

  In Contemporary Iranian Cinema The Audience voted for Scar Screenplay and directed : Amir Hossein Bassir,

  In International Category to The Beetle at The End  of the Street Screenplay and director :  Joan Vives Lozano

Critic Award

  In Contemporary Iranian Cinema: The Short Film: Ziba Screenplay and director : Hamideh Moeinfar

  In International Category Joint Award to the Beetle at The End  of the Street Screenplay and Director :  Joan Vives

Lozano and

Farida : Director by Mohamed Zouaoui

the fifth edition of sahar international short film festival 2018 SHOWREEL 

Vimeo:   https://vimeo.com/294294093    

Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rESaucZX3rk   

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